Airdrie Criminal Lawyer Service

Whether you are a business or individual, our Airdrie criminal lawyer service will help you navigate the legal system and find an effective defence. We have a network of lawyers and paralegals in the Airdrie area who specialize in your type of case. Simply fill out our free online enquiry form and you will be contacted within hours by interested Airdrie lawyers who can offer their services pro bono or at a fixed fee.

Our criminal defence service in Airdrie offers expert legal advice and representation on all types of charges, including assault, drug conspiracies and murder. We will work tirelessly to secure a not guilty outcome for you.

We have successfully defended thousands of clients in Airdrie and across Alberta, and would love to help you. We will guide you through every step of the process from arrest to conviction.

Airdrie is a small city located in central Alberta. It processes far fewer cases than larger centres such as Calgary and Edmonton. In fact, the Airdrie courthouse only sits on a single day of the month, which makes it difficult for people to receive the attention they deserve.

In Airdrie, most of the major crimes that go to trial are heard in the Provincial Court at 401 Centre Street. This is part of the Calgary Regional Circuit and covers a very large geographical area that includes Airdrie, Balzac, Crossfield and everything on Highway 2 between the Calgary city limits and Didsbury.

As in all areas of the province, the RCMP are responsible for policing Airdrie and enforcing the law. They have the same powers and duties as in larger cities, but their training policies and techniques differ.

One of the biggest differences that people need to know about when dealing with Airdrie criminal lawyer a crime in Airdrie is the RCMP’s bail policy and release protocols. In most places, police require a bail hearing with either a judge or a Justice of the Peace before someone can be released from custody.

The RCMP in Airdrie have their own set of bail policies that are very different from the ones that exist in Calgary and Edmonton. These policies and procedures are designed to reduce the risk of repeat offending and to ensure that those who have committed a crime are punished appropriately.

For example, the RCMP will often require that an individual charged with Domestic Violence be released on a “promise to appear” with an “undertaking” that they will abide by certain conditions. In contrast, the Calgary and Edmonton Police Services have a policy that requires a bail hearing to be held with a judge before an individual can be released from custody.

In some cases, the RCMP will also impose restrictive conditions on a person such as not contacting the complainant or returning home. These conditions can make it very difficult for a victim or family member to arrange an appropriate response, and are especially problematic if there are children involved.

The RCMP also imposes harsher sentences on those accused of serious crimes such as assault, and a conviction can lead to a lifetime jail sentence. This is why we always recommend that people seek the assistance of an experienced and qualified criminal defence attorney in situations like these.