How to Find the Best Office Chair Under 300

If you are looking for the best office chair under 300, one that provides ample comfort as well as excellent back support, you should probably consider a upright variety. Upright chairs generally have higher back supports and larger arms, giving them the appearance of being larger than they are. The Upright type is great for people with thick backs or large heads, as the extra padding will distribute your weight more evenly throughout your back. On the downside, these types are typically deeper than their lateral or rounded counterparts, which may take some getting used to. This may also be a problem for people with poor posture, as the curve in your lower back can make it difficult for the seat to conform to your shape. Also, if your torso is wider than your legs, you may not be able to get the most out of this chair type, as the angle between the seat and your body may cause discomfort when trying to recline.

Lateral and circular chairs allow you to keep most or all of your weight on your legs and feet, and can provide very comfortable support. Often made of leather or vinyl, you can find good deals on these models online. Most have adjustable back rests, and may come with a footrest or armrest extension to add additional comfort. Some models also have side rests, which are useful for those who like to read while they are sitting. These chairs generally offer no padding, but may have a foldable seat base to store conveniently.

If you are tall or have large ears, you might want to look for a headrest, especially if your desk is higher than your typical seat height. A high-backed chair with a headrest will ensure that your ears are properly supported, and will provide ergonomic features for added comfort. Typically, these chairs are higher than most regular chairs, as the higher back will give you more room to recline, and the added height also allows for better circulation. They are available with either a deep seat or a shallow seat, and often come with an ottoman, allowing you to stay comfortable for long periods at a desk.

Ergonomic chairs should be well constructed to withstand years of heavy use. Many models in this range offer sturdy construction, durable upholstery, and wide seat spans for comfortable support. Often, a heavy user can reach the levers controlling the chair easily, which is helpful in preventing fatigue. This range is generally not recommended for smaller individuals, as they will tire easily, and the lack of back support makes it difficult to comfortably reach the levers.

If you wish to purchase a chair with a wide seat and sturdy armrest setup, you can find models offered by several manufacturers that do offer a full-sized adjustable mechanism for a lower weight limit. These models may offer better support, and most have a padded seat, but will not support a heavier user. Many consumers enjoy this lower weight limit, as the added comfort will allow you to remain comfortable for longer periods during your work day.

If you’re looking for a chair that offers a wider seat and wide armrests, but can move up to a larger size, a clatina model may be for you. These units are usually much heavier, and are not recommended for use by individuals taller than about 5’3″. The added weight overcomes any benefits that the armrest may offer, and the wide seat may cause poor posture if the user is not tall enough to get all of their backrest up to a comfortable height. A good solution for tall people, who don’t mind spending a little more, is a tall office chair with a wide seat and solid backrest.