How to Prepare for an Out of Province Inspection

Anyone bringing a vehicle into Alberta from another province must pass an out of province inspection before it can be registered here. The inspection is a multi-point safety and mechanical fitness assessment that ensures the vehicle meets Alberta transportation standards. It can take up to two hours and includes a thorough examination of the vehicle’s mechanical components, including fuel and exhaust systems, powertrain and driveline, steering, suspension, tires, windshield wipers and defrosters, wiring and lights, and more.

A certified journeyman technician performs the out of province inspection. The mechanic will inspect all of the vehicle’s mechanical and safety equipment, as well as determine whether or not the car has been modified or altered. The mechanic can also advise you on the cost of any suggested repairs.

The cost of the inspection varies depending on which facility you choose. The fee is based on the type of vehicle and the mechanic’s experience. It’s important to compare the prices of several facilities before making your choice. It’s also a good idea to get a second opinion from a different inspector before agreeing to the suggested repairs.

In addition to the mechanical fitness of a vehicle, the mechanic visit here must also determine if it has structural integrity. During the inspection, the technician checks the hood and underbody for corrosion, rust or other signs of damage. They will also check the body for any cracks or chips in the paint or glass. Lastly, the mechanic will examine the brakes to ensure they are within factory specifications and haven’t been damaged or worn down.

Some vehicles may be exempt from the out of province inspection, including trailers and off-highway vehicles. However, these exemptions cannot be granted if the vehicle has been flood-damaged or declared salvage by an insurance company.

A vehicle that fails an initial out of province inspection must be repaired and re-inspected within 10 days to avoid extra charges. Once the repair is complete, the mechanic will stamp a Vehicle Import Form – Form 1. After the vehicle passes a full inspection, you can register it in Alberta.

You can prepare your out of province inspection checklist by ensuring that all of the vital parts are in good condition. For example, you should replace your wiper blades if they are torn or chipped. Also, make sure all of the lights on your vehicle are working, including the headlamps, hazard lights, and indicators. If any of them are burned out, you should have them replaced as soon as possible. These simple fixes can help you avoid costly repairs and pass your inspection more easily. You can also try online document submitting instead of mailing hard copies. This option is faster and more secure. It will prevent your documents from getting lost in transit and will save you the hassle of having to resubmit the form again. Plus, it’s easy to edit online. You can even use your smartphone to submit the form.

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