Residential Electrical Contractors? Know The Basics

So, you’re wondering which is the best career field for you – electrical contractors or high voltage electricians? There are actually four major categories of electrical engineers. There are also commercial electrician, residential electrician, industrial electrician, and low voltage electrical engineers. A residential electrician is usually a tradesman who specializes in residential systems such as data, video, and voice (audio-video (AVA).

Residential Electrician

Commercial or business electrician is an individual who designs and installs the wiring for commercial buildings and offices. The wiring of commercial buildings may include the wiring of the elevators, the wiring of various business machines, the wiring of communication systems, or the wiring of power plants. In addition, the installation of lighting and appliances, ventilation systems, air conditioning, security systems, etc. is also handled by these electrician.

Industrial electrician designs and installs the electrical systems of factories and other large buildings. These electricians install and repair malfunctioning machines in order to prevent accidents. They fix the wiring of the machines, wiring new machines, etc. Some of them even change the bulbs of light bulbs or switch on and off factory lights. This is why it is important to hire only those electricians who have been specialized in the maintenance of large scale industrial electrical systems.

The third type of electrician is the residential electrician. These electrician usually works at home and performs works which can be easily done at home. These are the types of electrician, who will perform the installation of lighting, ventilation, heating, etc. by means of light switches, lamps, electrical fans, and so on.

When hiring a residential electrician, the homeowner must make sure that he is not hiring a contractor who offers services that are beyond his expertise. The electrician’s expertise may lie in installing lighting, but if he is inexperienced with wiring, he may end up ruining his customer’s house wiring. Also, he may install the wrong kind of wiring which will definitely lead to problems. Also, he will not have the required amount of experience in the electrical field.

One of the best ways to ensure that you hire a skilled and qualified residential electrician is to get references. Contact at least three to five residential electricians and ask for references. If they all provide you good references, then you can move forward confidently. However, if none of the references provided by the electrician provide you a good opinion, then it would be best to seek professional help from a reputable electrical wiring company.