What is the width of an industrial roller shutter door?

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors are a reliable and cost effective solution for business security in a wide variety of commercial settings. They are made from durable and tough steel and aluminium slats that interlock, providing excellent protection for windows, doors and other property within buildings. This type of door is often seen protecting factories, warehouses and retail stores from burglaries and vandalism and may be enhanced to offer fire resistance or terror attack protection as well.

Industrial shutters are available in a large range of sizes to suit all requirements including small types ideal as add-on garage doors to very large ones covering huge areas of warehouse space. They can be customised to meet specific needs and can be made to include a wide range of extra features such as side seals for waterproofing, bottom weather seals for additional insulation or even windows for natural light.

They are very easy to use and operate https://industrialrollershutterdoors.uk/ and can be controlled by a simple button or remote control. This makes them suitable for people of all ages and abilities to manage. Many also come in a choice of colours to suit any building or business premises and can be designed to match other fixtures such as alarms and lights.

The most important benefit of an industrial roller shutter is that it provides excellent security for your commercial property. They keep out intruders and thieves, allowing you to concentrate on running your business effectively. They are also a great deterrent for unwanted pests such as vermin and birds which can damage stock, or cause infestations that require costly professional treatment to get rid of.

Unlike other commercial door structures, roller shutters open vertically which helps to maximise the usable space in your property. This is especially useful for larger properties that regularly receive deliveries or deal with haulage as it reduces the need to leave large spaces for vehicle access. It also means that goods can be loaded and unloaded more easily and efficiently.

They can be fitted with a variety of safety elements including photo eyes, electric safety brakes and anti-drop devices that prevent the door from falling down on people or objects below it. Some can also be made to be graffiti resistant which will help protect your property from unwanted scribbling and spray painting.

The most popular type of industrial roller shutter is a DD or direct drive model. These have a curved shaft with the counterbalance located on one side and are designed to be very easy to install, using minimal room at each end of the opening. This makes them the most suitable industrial shutter for most applications with curtain options ranging from insulated Decotherm aluminium and steel to solid single skin HR116 aluminium. The hoods are made from number 24 gauge hot dipped galvanised steel with a baked on grey or bronze polyester enamel coating. The hoods are also designed to house the counterbalance assembly and have harmonised side guide options for easier handling and specification.