Why It’s Important to Use a Structural Shoring Company

Shoring is an essential construction component that stabilizes walls and structures during the building process. It’s also used to support damaged structures following natural disasters or accidents, such as bridges that need to be jacked up and supported. Shoring can be temporary or permanent, but it’s an excellent way to keep a structure stable while repairs are made. It can also help minimize further damage that may be more costly to repair.

Different types of shoring are available depending on the needs of a project, with some of the most common being dead or vertical shoring, soil nailing, sheet pile wall, and cantilever shoring. Each method has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one will depend on factors such as soil bearing capacity, excavation depth, and proximity to existing structures or buildings.

During the construction of a building, shoring can help prevent collapse by supporting the sides of a trench until the concrete is strong enough to bear the load. It’s important to use a professional shoring company that knows how to properly install these systems in order to avoid any potential hazards, such as cave-ins or structural failure. Shoring companies can provide expert engineering designs and build systems that are safe and secure.

Structural shoring is also commonly used to stabilize buildings during renovation projects. This is particularly true in older structures where there’s often a need to open up the walls of a building for newer elements to be added, or to repair existing elements. Whether it’s to create larger openings in the walls or to strengthen existing foundations, shoring will ensure that the building remains structurally sound throughout the renovation project.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set regulations regarding shoring systems in order to ensure worker safety. This includes proper training and certification of workers who will be working on shoring systems, creating protective barriers around open trenches, and ensuring that all workers have access to emergency escape routes. DH Glabe & Associates provides structural shoring engineering that meets all these requirements and more.

There are several ways that shoring can be used in construction, including for basement excavation, deep foundation installation, and retaining walls. Each situation is unique, and a professional¬†structural shoring company will be able to evaluate the specific needs of a project to create a custom solution that’s safe and effective.

In excavation, shoring systems can speed up the digging process by helping to prevent trench collapse, which is often caused by unstable soils. They can also be useful for supporting a structure during repairs, maintenance, or inspections.

Another type of shoring is called raking shores, which consist of timber or metal props that are sloping between the face of a structure and the ground. These are often used for concrete and stone-building shoring. They can be either permanent or temporary and are designed to prevent collapse during excavation, as well as during the forming and curing of concrete structures.